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Application post~

Name: Callie

LJ: PockyRaider

Contact: TwentyThreeTinyWishes@gmail.com

Other Characters Played: N/A

Series: Final Fantasy VII

Character: Aerith Gainsborough

Timeline: Praying on the Altar in the Temple of the Ancients, right before her untimely demise.

Personality: An upbeat and cheerful girl, hates to see any one that seems to be in a funk. Always looks to find a way to make her party members happy. She's an independent woman from growing up in the slums, and it shows in her personality. She has no issue with taking matters in her own hands to get the sort of results she wants, rather than sit around and wait for someone to help her out. Of course, this is a bit troublesome, as when she makes up her mind, she can be hardheaded about things and not listen to anyone who tries to tell her otherwise. Aerith is a friendly and outgoing girl, always looking to new connections and friends. While she does seem to try to be perky, there are moments when she can't help but reflect on the Planet, and becoming somber, what will all the pain it has been through.

Background: Aerith was born to the last known Cetra on the Planet, and a scientist to the Shinra Electric Power Company. The Cetra were an ancient race with powerful magical abilities, which caused them to be hunted for their powers by the Shinra Company. Before she was even a year old, her father was murdered and she was sent to Midgar with her mother, Iflana, to be test subjects to the scientist Hojo. She was forced to endure various and terrible experiments in an attempt to exploit her innate abilities as a Cetra. This went on for seven years, until her mother escaped from the Shinra Headquarters with her. During the escape, her mother was gravely injured by the SOLDIERS that were trying to capture them, and succumbed to her injuries on the train platform in the slums under Sector 7. A woman named Elmyra was there, waiting on a husband who would never return from War, and was asked to watch over Aerith with Iflana's last words.
Aerith was raised as Elmyra's only daughter in the slums, which was not exactly the most ideal place to be raising a child. Eventually, Shinra located her, and tried to persuade her to join them instead of outright forcing her. She even formed a close friendship with one of the Turks, an elite task force in Shinra. She refused, not wanting to go back to that sort of life style. With the war in Wutai, the project that Aerith was needed for with Shinra was put on hold, and she was left alone for a while. During this time frame, she began to speak with the Planet more, and began to cultivate a garden under the floorboards of a church in Sector 7.

In her teens, she came across a young SOLDIER named Zack Fair, who fell through the roof of her church. This was her first brush with a Shinra member she could really get along with, and it would later develop into her first love. She brushes off his request for a date, but instead shows him around the slums. She even managed to over come her fear of the sky out above the plates, something she hadn't seen since she was a child, thanks to him. In the end, Zack was able to give her the courage and the inspiration to sell her flowers up on the plate. Even after his disappearance, she carried on with her business, managing to help her mother out with money.

In doing so, she came across a mercenary for AVALANCHE, a young man named Cloud Strife. And while it was a chance meeting at first, there was no mistaking the resemblance to her first love when he fell through the church roof and on top of her resilient flowers. Not soon after that, another member of the Turks comes to apprehend her, and she manages to convince Cloud to become her body guard in return for one date. They elude capture, and he returns her home to her mother. Elmyra requests that Cloud leaves in the night without taking Aerith, but she had her heart set on leaving the Slums, so she sneaked out and went along with him.

Following this, there were many adventures and mishaps with the AVALANCHE group. Such as the time she cross dressed Cloud to help get him into Don Corneo's mansion, in an attempt to pump the man for information concerning Shinra. Or when she was captured by the Turks and taken to Shinra, when a plate was dropped on Sector 7 and destroyed it. During her rescue from Shinra, her heritage becomes known to the rest of her party, and Sephiroth attacks Shinra. The focus of the group then shifted from saving the Planet to defeating Sephiroth, who had ever intention of destroying the Planet.

Upon arriving at the Temple of the Ancients, Aerith uses her heritage and natural skill to decipher the various puzzles to grant access to the inner chamber. Here, she finds out with the rest of the party that Sephiroth plans to use the Black materia to summon Meteor. The temple then transforms into the materia, and Aerith attempts to stop Cloud from handing it over, but is attacked. It's at this point that she realizes that she's the only one who can stop Sephiroth when he has the Black Materia, even if it costs her own life. She goes to the Forgotten Capital in the City of the Ancients, and begins to pray on an Altar for the end of Sephiroth. Just as she finishes her prayer, Sephiroth descends from above with his sword drawn.

Abilities/Additional Notes: What she lacks in physical strength, she makes up for with her magical skill. Instead of her Limit Breaks being able to be used only when her Limit Break is full, since there are no Limit Breaks in 3STP, she can only use one from her list once a day. It takes up too much energy to do more.
Princess Guard staff, which provides 4 slots for materia and useful for striking her opponent when using magic isn't a possibility.
Ice 2-Provides moderate damage
Lightning-Low level damage
Cure2- Heals a moderate amount
Wall- Grants a protective barrier from magic and physical attacks

Advocate Note:: No, but if a mod would want it, I wouldn't be adverse to the idea. I would imagine that she still hears the voices of the Planet.

Sample Journal Post:
[Video Feed]
[Aerith seems to know how to operate the communication device rather quickly. To her, it was almost as simple as the PHS devices that she was used to on her Planet. She even knew to have it held up in the right position before hitting the transmission button, so it didn't look like she was fumbling with it so much.]

Well....things are different here. But not in a bad way. I almost....don't miss home. But then I remember my good friends, and I feel a little bad about thinking like that.

[She frowned a bit, a brief glimpse of sadness in her eyes.]

I wonder if I'll ever see them again.

[She is a little over come by emotion right now, going to wipe at her eyes and close the feed. She didn't want all these strangers to see her being so emotional.]

Sample RP:

Aerith frowned as she pulled one of the broken boards out of the way from her ever expanding flower bed in the church. At the rate her flowers were growing, it wouldn't be long before they would take over the entirety of the building. Growing them was hard at first, but they seemed to adapt to the limited sunshine they were provided with, and were now growing just as bad as weeds. Although they were much prettier and better smelling.

She tossed the broken board to the side, in front of a pile near the front of the pews. Just in case she would ever need to build a rack for the flowers, she could try to assemble something for them. If she managed to get a store front. The brunette might have skill at tending the flowers and marketing them, but when it came to building things, she was pretty much lost. The former SOLDIER that used to visit her, Zack, certainly had been handy at building things.

"Geez, how am I ever going to get things done?" She crouched down, beginning to pull out the few weeds. She had attempted to repair the final flower cart that he had built for her, but she had caused more harm than good. Currently, it was pushed into the corner, more flowers growing in it and falling down the sides, blooming.

"It would be so nice to see you again...." She barely whispered as she tended the flowers, remembering all of her tiny wishes that never came to fruition.